Welcome to Panda's Choose your own adventures!Edit

Ever wanted to play a string of choose your own adventures? Well this is the site for it!

Multiple stories!

Many Genres!

Play for fun or for curiosity!

Got adventures for beginners and for experts!

Have fun!

Current StoriesEdit

Adventure Edit

  • Billy and the Idol (coming soon)
  • Temple of Anubis (Coming soon)

Children Stories Edit

Comedy Edit

  • Banana Rama Llama (coming soon)
  • Throw Him Over (coming soon)

Fantasy Edit

  • Garula Island (coming soon)
  • Realms of War (coming soon)

Horror Edit

  • The Girl Next Door (coming soon)
  • The Sound (coming soon)

Mystery Edit

  • A Single Finger (coming soon)
  • The Dame, the Body, and the Note (coming soon)

Sci-Fi Edit

  • My Pet Alien (coming soon)
  • The Lost Galaxy (coming soon)

Latest activityEdit

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